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Why Do You Need Vape Pod Kits?

Although there are many vaping devices available within the market, still, if you are searching for either customisation requirements or to maintain the device setup according to your vaping demands, it is preferable to choose vape pod kits. This blog will give you a piece of detailed knowledge about pod systems. 

Vape Pod Kits:

Pod kits are ultra-compact vaping devices which are specifically designed for beginner vapers. This user-friendly device has major components, which are the battery and the pod.  These pod systems, such as Voopoo Argus XT UK, are perfect for those who have shifted to vaping from smoking. The vape pods are of two types based on their customisation requirements. The following is a detailed explanation of each:

Closed Pod Kits:

The closed vape pod kits are also termed the prefilled pods, as the eliquid tank is prefilled with vape juice such as the Voopoo Vinci SE 15W Pod Kit, which signifies that you do not need to refill the eliquid cartridge repeatedly. These pod kits prevent you from the struggle of refilling the e-juice; you only need to attach your vaping device, enjoy the vaping session, and remove and replace it when they are finished.

Open Pod Kits:

In open pod kits, there are many customisation requirements for the vaping device by the vaper himself. These are more adjustable pod kits in which no eliquid is prefilled; you are required to fill the vape liquid according to your preferences. These are also known as refillable vape pod kits, in which one can alter the nicotine amount, flavours and other customisations. 

Intensions Behind The Use Of Pod Kits:

Pod kits are advanced vaping devices which are designed to facilitate many individuals. There are some prominent reasons to choose the pod system; these include convenient setting up the device, extended battery life, and being available at an affordable cost. The following is the comprehensive detail of each:

Ease Of Convenience:

The pod kits are convenient vaping device which facilitates both starters and those who want to custom the vape kit according to their own requirements. If there is a newbie, the closed vape pod kit is ideal due to less customisation needed, whereas the open pod system allows much maintenance and is perfect for those who want to enjoy vaping, depending on their demands.

Extended Battery Life:

Pod kits are integrated with larger batteries and have an improved battery life of the vaping kit. Specifically, the Voopoo Argus Pro Vape 80W Pod Mod Kit is composed of a built-in battery of 3000mAh. Due to the design of the pod kit, you do not need to recharge the pod continuously. If you want to use a closed vape pod kit, you must replace the battery when it runs out.


Vape pod kits are available at an economical price in the market. Instead of the initial cost of the pod kit, its maintenance and the refilling of the pod are of low cost. Since you do not require to purchase the components of the pod kits, like coil, tank, etc., you only need to buy a new one whenever the device is finished. For example, the Voopoo Argus XT Mod Pod 100W Kit is available at £44.99 in the UK.


To wrap up the debate, it is stated that vape pod kits have been widely used recently due to the ease of convenience and extended lifespan of the battery, and these are available at an affordable price. Moreover, vape pods are beneficial for starters and switchers.

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