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Ramneek Sidhu Digital Marketing Experts & Entrepreneur

If you follow business news as well as stories then Ramneek Sidhu must be a name which you must have heard of, even though this digital marketing specialist was unknown a year ago but over the time he has risen to online stardom for which credit goes to some viral youtube videos. 

If you are also curious to know who this guy is then this is the perfect blog for you as in this blog we are going to discuss Ramneek, the type of work he does and how he became so popular. So, you must read this blog thoroughly till the need to know about him. 

About Ramneek Sidhu

He is the founder of Digital kings which is internationally recognized as an advertising and digital marketing agency. His clients include some of the famous and elite people of the world which have stars of Bollywood and Hollywood also. 

Ramneek started this company at a very young age and within the time span of a few years he has managed to make a good name for himself and his company in the digital world. 

Since, he has gained fame at such a young age, many young and aspiring entrepreneurs look up to him as a motivation and are inspired by his story. 

Background of Ramneek Sidhu

Ramneek was born and brought up in Punjab in India, and has studied BTech in computer science. He has worked as a head of digital for a company from 2013 to 2016 until he took the risk to establish a business of his own. 

He gained inspiration from people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos, all of whom are immensely successful in their respective fields. 

Social media presence of Rmaneek Sidhu

Ramneek shows what he is capable of by having a very significant social media presence of his own. Ramneek Sidhu entrepreneur instagram has over 303k followers which makes him quite famous on his own. 

On this social media account he shares some of this inspiration along with his daily life and travels like in Dubai, Russia, South Korea, etc. Not only is he famous on instagram but he is extremely popular on Youtube as well. 

About Digital Kings – Company of Ramneek Sidhu

In the year 2015, Rmaneek founded his company Digital kings when he was just 20 years old. The basis or we can say the main work of the company is to manage social media accounts, focussing on instagram, youtube and other social media platforms. 

One of the main goals of his company was to help the expiring accounts grow popular again. The company is very well known for managing many high profile accounts which include Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities and stars. Offices of Digital kings are in India and Dubai and Ramneek aims to open an office in Canada also. 

If you wish to know more things and facts about Ramneek then you can have a look at the website Way Binary where you will get the information which you seek about him.

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