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Smartphones of The Future: What’s Coming our Way

Almost two decades ago, smartphones appeared in the market as an alternative to mobile phones, which mainly facilitate two-way communication by text or call. Today’s smartphone is a mini-computer with many innovative features and unique functionalities. Moreover, it constantly evolves to embrace the latest tools and technologies. Due to this fact, it is expected that the smartphone will amaze us again in the coming years with another set of fascinating offerings that suits our modern lifestyles.

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Features of Future Smartphones

Here is a list of some of the desired functionalities and features we can expect in a future smartphone.

Augmented Reality

One feature that is becoming powerful in the future smartphone is augmented reality because of its potential. It will combine digital information with what we see in real life. Augmented reality with smartphones allows users to experience the real-world environment with digital information on top of it. While using the camera on our phone, you can point it anywhere live to get the information overlay. Because smartphones are portable, they serve as a good platform for AR.

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Graphene Battery

Battery life is one of the essential features for smartphone users. The currently prevailing lithium batteries in smartphones degrade at a point. The unlimited prospects on our smartphones require that they come with a long-lasting sturdier battery life without the need for intermittent charging. In this regard, graphene is a better material to make batteries. Because of its potential of being lighter, tougher, flexible, more conducive and having a higher capacity we expect it in future mobiles. Flagship smartphones don’t carry a graphene battery yet, but many brands are working on it, and we will likely see devices come with graphene batteries in the coming years.

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Wireless Charging

In the coming years, smartphones will be expected to have the feature of charging wirelessly over the air. It will change how we recharge our non-negotiable electronic devices, so there will be no need for physical tethering or power ports. In addition, that would be different from current wireless charging as radio waves could be used, which would also be better for the environment. So, technology is likely to evolve over the next few years dramatically.

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Under Display Cameras

A front camera cutout is expected in future smartphones in the coming years. We’ve seen many smartphones with under-display cameras, such as the ZTE Axon 30, Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, and ZTE Axon 30. However, the technology still needs to be better for mainstream flagships. To a certain extent, you can get shots that look usable (but still disappointingly blurry) under ideal lighting conditions. Still, in low light or other challenging conditions, the image quality falls apart rather quickly. So, in the coming years, we will see more smartphones with under-display cameras.

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Foldable Phones Worldwide

With foldable phones, smartphones will have large screens to watch and play your favorite movies and games while maintaining a pocketable size. There has been a rise in foldable phones in the last couple of years. The Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip series are examples, but they are unappealing to many people due to their high price and inconsistent quality. However, as technology becomes more reliable, prices decrease due to competition. Therefore, foldable phones will likely start to attract more customers. It is expected to have more flexible designs that suit your needs.

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Eco-Friendly Smartphones

In the future, smartphone makers are looking to make their products more environmentally friendly, and researchers are looking for sustainable materials. Eco phones are rising in popularity, and smartphone makers are taking the initiative to reach net zero status by 2050. Another type of phone that is growing in popularity is refurbished ones, and many companies are dedicated to selling them in excellent condition. Moreover, refurbished phones are less impactful on the environment.

It is exciting to expect these features in future smartphones. We are still determining the exact technological changes mobile devices will bring. However, we might predict the future of smartphones by analyzing the existing technology trends and user preferences. We can expect better and very different smartphones than those we envisioned today.

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