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Where To Look For a Job as a Fresher?

Dearest fresher, you’ve been wondering what to do next. Of course, the next step is to find a suitable job and make money. You’ve probably gone through every chapter on how to ace an interview, but to go to an interview, you need to apply for fresher jobs. 

Companies will be pleased to hire you if you have the qualifications. The question is – How do you find a job for a fresher? You can look up the best job sites in India for freshers, but we have some more ideas. Ready for those ideas? Dive right in as we share where to look for a job as a fresher. 

Where do you look for jobs as freshers? 

You must check out all the spaces in the job search. 

There are quite a few.

You can randomly look for jobs on Google, but it won’t be an organized way of searching for jobs. Let’s highlight some spaces where you can find jobs of interest.

Moreover, you will have many more opportunities in different avenues. 

Relying on Campus Placements 

There are quite a few colleges with campus placement cells. You can connect with the recruiter directly without a lot of effort. The pool of candidates won’t be as big as the one you find online. Give interviews but don’t rely on them completely.  

Looking at Job portals

The most obvious place to begin your search is to go to job portals. It’s time to build your profile and work on a cover letter. A cover letter is a good start! You can now build your profile and make sure it is complete.

Targeting the search toward the suitable job category rather than doing random and mindless searches. 

Most online portals will let you filter out the job positions and only show you suitable jobs. 

You may have to research the best job portals out there. 

Walk-in interviews Are a Must 

If you’ve got the opportunity to walk and give an interview, grab the chance. Walk-in-interviews work quickly.

In most cases, you will get the verdict there itself. Most companies, big and small, publish these walk-in-interview ads in newspapers, on job boards online, and websites. You have to reach the site at the given time and fill out a form. An invitation is not required. Just reach the interview location and do your best. 

Social Networking Sites 

Most recruitment agencies, as well as employers, are using social media platforms to post jobs. Some popular social media sites are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Facebook will also have good opportunities. You can market yourself on LinkedIn and find relevant opportunities. It’s easy! You have to create a profile that doesn’t cost money. Connect with other connections from school and college. 

Career Events Are Always an Option 

You can go to job fairs because there may be amazing opportunities on the way. It’s a great way to connect with various employers. Share your resume and social media links to get started! Most IT companies hire through these job fairs, so don’t miss this golden opportunity of getting noticed and hired. 

Go To The Official Company website

If you have a list of companies you wish to work for, it is ideal to connect with them directly. Go to the official website and search for the careers page. You will find ongoing opportunities. Most companies post the latest jobs in their careers section. 

Referrals Always Work 

It’s probably the most effective and easiest way to get a job. If you know people from your school and college who work at different companies, ask them to refer to your name. Some companies have referral programs, too, where they recruit new people based on referrals. But you would still need to go through the interview, so don’t use it as a shortcut. 

Contact HR Via Email or Phone Call 

Hunting for jobs can be a grueling task. You should not shy away from approaching people directly. It’s easy to find the email of recruiters and send them an email. Share your resume and send a good cover letter too. You could visit the office and leave the resume at reception. 

Concluding Thoughts 

We’re 100% certain that you will find the job of your liking. As a fresher, don’t expect to have a high salary, and consider gathering the requisite experience first. 

Maybe you will be lucky enough to get a good salary and a decent position, but you need to work your way up and excel.

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