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Why Should You Buy a Toddler Skip Hop Bag Online

Most people think that kids get their first bag in preschool or kindergarten. However, young kids are old enough to carry a backpack long before their first preschool nap. 

If you get your child used to wearing a backpack early on, it will be easier for them to switch to the bookbags, sports bags, and tech bags they will soon be using in school. You can buy a skip-hop bag online for your kids.

Is There Any Reason One Should Buy a Bag for a Child?

Your child’s first backpack could be seen as their first step into preschool. Giving them a backpack before preschool will help them get ready for their role there and encourage them to think of themselves as students, just as the primary goal of preschool is to get kids used to the socializing, set schedule, and time away from parents that they will experience in elementary school. Even before school starts, kids will have a great time putting all their new things in their backpacks.

What Should a Toddler’s Backpack Have?

A backpack for a toddler will have fewer heavy things than one for a student in elementary school or even preschool. Give them one of their favorite picture books to help them feel more at ease in their new role as a student. Put their favorite foods and a stuffed animal in a lunch box made for kids, along with a notebook and crayons or colored pencils in a pencil pouch so they can “take notes” (aka draw). To be safe, you could also bring a diaper and wipes if they need to be changed.

Teaching your child to care for their things is part of getting them ready for school.

How Big is a Toddler’s Backpack?

Toddlers should use a smaller backpack to fit their needs and growing muscles. We consider a bag as small if it is 16.5″ long, 12.5″ wide, and 6″ deep. The bag should have padding and be adjusted to fit your body. Comfort is one of the most important things. Make sure the backpack can be changed to work well for your child. If the bag is too big, your child may want to avoid carrying it.

How Should One Put Their Child’s Name on the Backpack?

Putting a child’s initials on their backpack is a fun way to make it unique and teach them to be proud of it as their own. So, we think that toddler backpacks are a great place to start with our “make it personal” embroidery options. You can make it unique by adding your child’s name and a picture of their favorite animal, a dinosaur, or even something like a scientist’s lab coat or a microscope that represents a possible future job. Initials are another choice, even though kids may still need to be able to read them.

What Should One Look For in a Toddler’s Backpack?

To feel safe, toddlers need a lot of support and soft places to play. Look for a backpack with foam-padded shoulder straps and a foam-padded back panel, as shown above, to ensure your toddler’s first backpack experience doesn’t hurt or stress them out. It would be a plus if it looked cool and revealed who they are. It might help if you sat down with them and showed them a few backpacks you had chosen ahead of time. If they choose their bag, they will be more proud of it. In the long run, they will be more careful with it because of this.

When Do Most Kids Start Carrying Backpacks?

Whether or not your child can start wearing a backpack depends on how well they can walk independently rather than on how old they are. If your child is still shaky, you should wait to give them a backpack. Once they can walk without help, they are ready for their first backpack, which is a new challenge.

A toddler backpack will look so cute on your little one. More than anything else, they will like being able to carry their most precious things. You’ll be glad you did this in the years to come. If kids are nervous about starting preschool, they can feel comfortable that they can always go home to get their backpacks.


Even though it may not feel like it, a toddler needs a backpack. Even if they aren’t going to full-time school yet and don’t need to carry many things, the best toddler backpacks are great for traveling, daycare, camp, or everyday use. Also, they help toddlers feel the right amount of independence and pride for their age. Toddlers can learn independence and be better ready for the day if they pack a few things on their own, like a toy or a snack.

Also, many backpacks for toddlers are not only helpful but also beautiful. Your child will have a lot of fun picking out fun things to put in their bag. 

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